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Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Opinions on...Autumn Trends 2012

Autumn trends...two I love, two I don't, and one I've changed my mind about...

1. Love: Studs

Truthfully, I never really thought that studs were my thing - but I was wrong! Because my style is very feminine and cutesy, I often feel in danger of looking too sugary, and studs are the remedy. Fashion is about balance, and clashing a super-girly blouse with studded shorts, or a floaty skirt with a studded jumper is the perfect balance for me! I particularly love pyramid studs, in gunmetal or bronze because they look a little worn.

2. Love: Ankle boots

I've loved ankle boots for as long as they've been around because they're so versatile. One pair can take you from work to play and stop everywhere in between! Dresses, jeans, you name it and there's a pair of ankle boots to match. Fur or studded, or even just plain, my love for ankle boots is sure to be burning a hole in my pocket soon!

3. Hate: Neon

Honestly, how this has remained in fashion escapes me. I think that it's overpowering and should be worn sparingly - if at all. But what irks me more than anything is when neon is paired with lace. These are two things that should never be mixed - lace is supposed to be delicate and pretty, something which neon is most certainly not. I would reject the world's most beautiful dress if it was neon, I dislike it so much.

4. Hate: Capes

Who are you, superman? Didn't think so, so why on earth are you wearing a cape? This trend is, for me, is just a little...strange. They don't even seem like they'd be very warm, they don't have real sleeves - not practial.
*Note - not to be confused with ponchos. I like ponchos - in fact I have my eye on one from La Redoute. Although they look similar, there are differences between capes and ponchos.*

5. And the one I changed my mind about...

Military. At first, I strongly disliked the military trend - I saw it as untactful! towards our boys in Afghanistan. However, the more nice pieces I saw, and the more clever style-ups I drooled over, the more I began to like this trend. I've had my eye on some cargo-style trousers for about two years now but could never find, however, they're everywhere! Although I'm still not keen on blatant items like big camouflage jackets or camo leggings, I really like the subtler pieces - and I've always loved khaki!

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed ^^


Jasmine Adams said...

Woo military trend! xx

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