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Monday, 4 March 2013

Not Quite An OOTD: February 28th 2013

Hello everyone!

So I was filming a video for my YouTube Channel yesterday and I won't bore you with how I got to this outfit but here it is! It's not technically an OOTD because I didn't wear it for long at all, but I though it looked cool so here:

Shirt - Topshop
Skirt - River Island

(Bad gif but also note that Tiffany, my bias
 from SNSD, has the same top!! Check out Jess
halfassing the dance though...awh.)
Oh yes, I was so very happy when I found out that Tiffany and I have a shirt in common! I knew when I started this blog that it wouldn't be long before this top appeared. It's quite different from my style now, but I love it - it's bright, fun and summery, and the shape is lovely too. The skirt was a recent purchase from River Island on my first trip to the Westfield shopping centre in White City, London. I was pretty starstruck when I went in there, it looks like a complex in Dubai! Anyway *ahem* I love this skirt. It's pleather, and I love the fact that it is quite rigid and stays in that A shape. I think the white stripe is really playful, although the skirt is a little short.


Just a quick note, I'm thinking of changing my blog name and 'redecorating' it. I know I've just changed the theme but I don't think the name and design suit my style that much anymore. I'm still girly, but I'm not 100% lace and flowers and polka dots anymore and I want my blog to represent me. I'll think about it.

Anyway, as always I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, 18 February 2013

February Wishlist (Updated!)

Hi everyone!

So my last post was pretty rushed, and I feel like the items I posted were pretty I'm going to do it again! These items are from different places to where I usually shop because I'm trying to be smarter with what I buy. 

Let's start!

These rings are so cute! They work out at around £11 for five rings, which I think is really good value. The designs are a crown, a bow, a pearl, a diamante band and what looks like a four-leaf clover. They are so simple and elegant and I think they'd be perfect for making wearing rings into a habit!

I think these tights are really cool. They can be cute or a little more edgy (provided they fit and they don't ladder!) and since I'm trying to wear skirts more often they'd be good for when it's too cold to go bare-legged.

This piece isn't something I'd actively go looking for, but I was browsing the Urban Outfitters site and I saw this. It's so...nice! I love the horoscope design and I think it would be really nice to have a real, solid watch.

I think I've seen clothesencounters on YouTube wearing a similar ring, but I really like it. It's simple and versatile...and it's silver! I really need to wear more silver jewelry because I have a necklace that I wear daily which is silver, so I need the rest of my jewellery to match!

This ring is seriously cute! It's a little planet going around a ring! Silver again, but I think the second section is rose gold (which I LOVE) so I really want this ring!

Every girl needs a basic denim skirt and this one from Pull&Bear is perfect. I love the shape and colour and I think I'd get a lot of wear out of it!

Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I have wanted these ever since I first saw clothesencounters wearing them. They are a really nice shape and colour and they're such good quality...well, they should be for £102! They'd be great for giving me extra height in a concert standing pit too. It's just such a shame that they are so expensive because I am a broke, I'm 166cm tall - tall enough without whatever ridiculous cms these shoes would add to my height. I think I'd look like a transvestite! Classic case of material longing vs practicality. Sigh.

So, that's my February wishlist! Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

OOTD: February 3rd 2013

Hello everyone^^

This was my OOTD for February 3rd 2013. I went up to London to see the new Lincoln film (if you care for an opinion, it was very good but it could have been shorter and it was rather dialogue-heavy) with my grandma. Here's the outfit, which I'm calling 'Almost Made In Chelsea' (Only Londoners will get this joke!):

Beanie - eBay
Shirt - H&M (DIY studded)
Skirt - Topshop
Jacket - Matalan
Shoes & Socks - Primark

Oh yes, it's the return of the beanie! I've been dying to get my hands on a denim skater skirt for a long time and my friend and I have been lusting after this Topshop number recently. I happened to walk past a Topshop on the Saturday and I went in and got it - much to the dismay of my bank balance! I paired it with my diy studded blouse and quilted jacket for that 'posh' feel...I can't believe I just said 'that posh feel' `.`

anyway, I hope you like it!

Monday, 21 January 2013

My opinions on: Men's fashion

Hello everybody!

Ahh, boys. As a teenager, I am constantly bombarded with questions about the opposite sex from family, friends and parents alike. Admittedly, I am pretty picky about guys, and good dress sense in particular is a big point for me. So, if you're curious, here's some men's fashion items that I like...

And yes, most of these pictures will be of kpop/mandopop stars, because I am obsessed. Don't judge me!

Yixing in blue checks
Jongin in graduated red checks

Checked shirts
I know I will get a lot of stick for this - what with the whole 'hipster' stigma around checked shirts, it seems as though you should get scorned for liking them...but I really like them! Especially red, I think it compliments dark hair really nicely. Plus, I don't know if it's one of those evolutionary psychological things, but I really like shoulders, and I think any type of shirt makes shoulders look really good. Well, most shoulders anyway.

Kyuhyun and Sungmin in white

White shirts
Sticking with shirts, I just love white shirts. They look really clean-cut and he has made an effort, you know? What can I say, I'm high maintenance, I like effort.

Lu Han trying to be manly 
in a navy v-neck
I don't actually know why I like v-necks. I suppose it's the shoulder thing again.

...yes, it's the shoulder thing. I'm sorry!

SHINee channeling their inner
Victorian Londoner 
Ok, so I'm not quite sure what to call this section, but I suppose vintage works. I like old-fashioned clothes. I'm not talking about breeches and tunics, of course, but I loved the Sherlock concept for SHINee's last comeback. Maybe it's my love of history, maybe it's growing up with detective dramas - who knows? I just like old fashioned clothes, and I am quite old fashioned myself.
(Bonus points for the waistcoats - I like waistcoats.)

Yixing and his beloved beanie
Changmin in...a floppy hat?
Again, I'm not sure why, but I like hats. I suppose it's because it looks like they've made an effort to accessorize. I don't think there's a particular type of hat that I like best, but I think the appeal of snapbacks and beanies depends on the person wearing said item - face shape and all that. Frankly, a beanie or snapback on the wrong person can make them look like a total idiot.

EXO looking suave and keeping the cold out
at the same time in their navy coats

(Trench) Coats
This is coming back to my liking of old-fashioned things, but I just love tailored coats, especially trench coats. I think it's the shoulder thing yet again. In fact, it's not just coats; I think I just love tailored clothing!

Super Junior's slick suits

This post culminates in my extreme appreciation of suits; for me, there is nothing more attractive than a smart, well-fitting suit. It looks clean and polished, and it also makes the wearer look intelligent - and intelligence is something I like. I like everything that goes along with suits too - white shirts (as mentioned), ties, smart shoes...

So, in conclusion, it seems as though my ideal man would wear a suit with a checked shirt underneath, and a hat and trench coat to keep the cold away. That would be a strange sight...

As always, hope you enjoyed, let me know what you like your man to wear!

OOTD: 20th January 2013

Hello everybody!

Another post!? Are my eyes deceiving me?

So yesterday we went for lunch with some family friends who have just moved into the village (into a gorgeous barn conversion that I have serious envy of!). It started snowing on the 18th, which meant that the school day was extremely surreal. The snow held off over Saturday but came back on the 20th, so I had to come up with something that was pretty but also practical for the weather. And thus, the Grungy Elf was born!

Top - Gift
Cardigan - Unbranded
Skirt - New Look
Beanie - Ebay
Socks - Tabio

(Firstly, excuse the terrible picture quality, I have no idea how that happened! And also, excuse the ladder in my tights...)

I've been wanting a beanie for a while, so when mine finally arrived on Friday I was ecstatic! I decided to wear it with complimenting colours, so I went for this cardigan that I got from one of those rubbishy shops in Crawley. I thought it would look nice with this green top, a gift from my godmother ooh, five years ago? I'm surprised it still fits! It must seem to you guys that I only ever wear this skirt, but I don't, honestly! It's just that most of the time, I happen to be wearing it in an outfit I deem blog-worthy. I wore bog-standard opaque tights with these cute frilly socks over them because the circulation in my feet is awful. I wore my new trainers (they're the same colour as my beanie, possibly a bit redder). I feel like this look has a grungy element to it - hence the name - which isn't something I would usually go for but I quite like the effect in this case.

Ring - Gift
Gold chain - Gift
Beaded bracelets - Accessorize

In terms of jewelry, I layered these ethnic-y beaded bracelets with a gold chain that my dad gave me for my birthday, and added my favourite key ring! (Which did give me a nasty scratch, you can just about see it on the bottom of my thumb in the left picture!) See why I always wear this ring in dodgy areas?

So that was my OOTD! As always, hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

OOTD: Janurary 17th 2013

Hello everyone!

So, it's 2013! I don't know about you guys, but 2012 was an amazing year for me and I'm hoping 2013 will live up to it (although it definitely hasn't yet). This is my first OOTD for 2013, which I'm not naming because I can't think of a name which isn't cringey.

Anyway, here we go!

Skirt & jumper - New Look
Socks - Tabio (Not part of the outfit,
but just in case you're curious!)
Oh wow, how lovely and butch I look in that back view picture! Just the look I was aiming for...
This is a strange outfit I suppose, because I didn't really plan it - I changed into it after filming a dance cover for my YouTube channel. Despite the sub-zero temperatures outside, the upstairs rooms in my house get very hot...especially when you've been dancing in a jumper and ill-fitting leggings! So, after 3 - yes 3 - outfit changes and about 8 takes overall, I literally reached into the wardrobe and grabbed whatever looked comfy. This was the result!

I'm sure you're familiar with the jumper by now so I won't comment on it. The skirt was an impulse buy - it was reduced to £10 in New Look and my mum spent about 15 minutes convincing me to buy it because 'it would really suit me' and 'a maxi skirt would look great on me'. I wasn't sure so I kept the receipt - but I needn't have! I really like it, it's long enough to wear on my waist or my hips, and it works for the colder months too, because tou can wear thermal leggings underneath! Shhh!

So that's my OOTD, hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012: OOTDs etc~

Hello all!

Ho ho ho! Well, Christmas is over for another year and I must admit, I'm not looking forward to the darkness and coldness of January and February. But anyway, I had a lovely Christmas and I wanted to share it with you all~

I went down to Somerset to spend Christmas with my aunt, uncle and grandma this year. It was a really long drive but I quite like long drives, as I get to sit in the back of the car with my music on and clear my thoughts.

We drove past Stonehenge on the way!

Once we arrived at our seemingly deserted inn, we discovered that it was rather shabby and more than a little bit creepy - the landlord wasn't the most likeable character either but it was ok.

The view from the car park of our inn...there's actually a
prison on the left side!

The place was very historical but it was also crammed full of strange oddities, like ceramic mushrooms with faces!

Some of the weird and wonderful things in our room...
that wheel light was particularly spooky!

Ok, now onto the main feature of the post - the outfits! We arrived on Christmas Eve and I was feeling rather retro that day (blame the history revision) so I decided to pair my newly-bought-but-much-sought-after denim jacket with a berry knit top and black skater skirt. I like the silhouette and I decided to add some spotty tights and my lace collar to the look. I topped it off with a chunky rose bracelet. For my makeup, I applied a large wing of eyeliner, mascara and white highlight. On my lips I used a combination of Estee Lauder's 'Beige' and 'Hot Kiss' to create a nudey-purply shade that was still light (although the picture doesn't do the colour justice!) Here is the result:

Top - Hand-me-down    Jacket - New Look
Skirt - New Look    Tights - Marks & Spencer
Collar - New Look    Bracelet - New Look
Shoes - New Look

For Christmas Day, I wanted to be more relaxed, so I broke in my new khaki jumper from New Look. I loved this jumper not just because of the colour, but because it has a really cool zip up the back (which my grandma rather scornfully suggested was 'an invitation to certain Korean males'). It's neutral too, so it should be a versatile piece to style. I paired it with my lilac jeans that were a birthday gift from Warehouse (although they do lose their shape once they've been worn for a while). I don't find trousers particularly flattering but it would be ridiculous to boycott them. For my makeup, I did intend to have just a hint of eyeliner, but it was a case of putting a little too much on one adding more to the other side, only to make it more uneven, so adding more to the other get the picture! I added a tint of this insane lilac lipgloss I got for about 50p reduced. It actually looks very pretty!

Jumper - New Look
Jeans - Warehouse
Shoes - New Look

So that was my Christmas from a fashion point of view :)

(Here's some bonus photos! Ho ho ho~)

My dad's gift-wrapping skills...

Christmas tree!

AMAZING sky while walking my uncle's dog!

Marzipan animals, make by 3 generations^^

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