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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Autumn Wishlist Pt1

Hi everyone!

This is my Autumn wishlist, both fashion and beauty. Hope you enjoy!

Cargo Jeans

£29.99, Zara
I've had my eye on a pair of these since I saw them in a Japanese fashion magazine about two years ago, and these are not quite the same, but close enough. A friend found them for me after I asked after a similar pair that she had, and I must say these look as though they will fit well and I like the zip detailing. And hey, £29.99 is pretty pocket friendly for something I'd get so much wear out of!

Pussy Bow Blouse

£7.76, Ebay
I've liked pussy bow blouses for a long time and when I saw this one on Ebay I thought it was perfect. It's Asian import so it's really cheap, and the quality doesn't look all that bad. I love the colour and I think the black detailing stops it from feeling too sugary.

Two-tone Dress etc.

£6.73, Ebay
I saw this on Ebay and I instantly loved it. I really like the pale minty colour and the ribbon belt. Although it's quite summery, I think it could be a good layering tool and it would be fun to grunge up a little.

I'm not going to list the rest of the things I want from this seller because there are a lot of things! So I'll put the links here:

Converse-style ankle boots

£4.69+£2.99 P&P, Ebay
Again, something I've been looking for for ages, and I've just come across these on ebay! Although I would have loved pink ones, the khaki is a much more versatile colour and they come in my size too!

Fur Ankle Boots

£19.99+£3.50 P&P, Ebay
Although I love ankle boots, I'm quite fussy about them - but these seem to be the perfect compromise! I would have liked a wedge heel that was a little higher, but you can't have it all!


£12.51+£3.49 P&P, Ebay
These aren't quite what I'm looking for (I'd like a paler colour) and I think the price is a little steep - I'm sure I can get these in Primark for £8! However, my life has a ballet-pump-shaped hole in it - well, several ballet-pump-shaped holes - and I really need to fill them, because I need more shoes if nothing else.

Makeup Brush Set

£0.99+£1.69 P&P, Ebay
For some reason, to me makeup doesn't feel good enough without a nice brush to apply it with. However I am stingy and I spent about half an hour looking for a decent set for a ridiculous price! These, at a total of £2.58 including P&P were exactly what I wanted, complete with a cute pink case! Needless to say these will be in my basket in no time!


£3.29+£1.00 P&P, Ebay
I've caught the studding bug! I think it's a quick, cheap, easy way to add a bit of attitude if I feel a little too cutesy, not to mention it's great fun! This seller has a wide range of style, colours and sizes for what I've been told is a good price, and my fingers are itching to stud something!

Staple shirts

No picture because I can't find one online and I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm in dire need of some basic pieces and I'm a sucker for soft, feminine shirts, especially these blush pink and cream blouses that seem to be so in fashion at the moment. I'd also like to stud the collars of a couple. It's very satisfying to customise things and it's cheaper to stud my own stuff anyway!

That's part one of my wishlist, part two will come soon enough - there's always stuff I want when I have no money!


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