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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beauty Haul & Review!

Hello everyone!

I've done a bit of beauty shopping recently and I wanted to show you guys what I got!

The first thing was this New York Colour blusher in 655 Central Park Pink:

I must say I was a little biased towards it because of it's 'New York' gimmick - I went to the Big Apple last year and really fell in love with it. I've been needing a bluser for a while and this one is really nice. It isn't the most pigmented but it's great for a subtle tint and goes nicely with my skintone. It feels really silky too! I'm pleased with this buy, and I give it 8/10.


The lovely expensive concealer that my grandma gifted me is running out, so I was looking for a replacement and went for this one by Collection 2000 (because it was cheap!). It's a good colour and consistency, however I have experienced a strange hot feeling occasionally when I apply it. The coverage is alright; a few layers are needed under the eyes, but overall it's satisfactory. 7/10.

I saw this MUA Extreme eyeliner recommended on another blog and I do need a new one, so I decided to try this out. At first, I was thrilled with it - it gave strong lines and was easy to apply. However, it drags on your skin a lot and that makes doing wings very hard. It also goes faint easily. For £2, however, you can't really complain. 6/10.

This is my second MUA lipstick and I love the texture. The first one I bought is a little dark for me, and I had a sudden urge to buy a lipstick, so I did! My complexion makes it hard to find a shade that both suits my skintone and doesn't make my teeth look yellow (thanks, reds!) and I knew that a pale pink was safest. This one has subtle glitter and is a lovely soft colour, not as dark as the pictures make out, and it doesn't bleed. I love it, especially for £1! 10/10.
(What's happened to the picture?)
My favourite mascara is running out and I wanted to try a new one. Since I was thrilled with my New York Colour blush, I decided to try their mascara too. This is 'Show Time Volumising Mascara'. I have a thing about the brush - if it isn't big and thick then I dont think it will be good. This turned out to be the case here. The brush is a little sparse and the mascara itself is not very thick. It is ok, average I'd say - but I do like BIG volume. This might be good if you have naturally dark lashes, but mine are blonde and so they need an extra boost, which this mascara doesn't give me. Also, this happens:

See the horrible ugly smudging on the lower lashes? That is my number one peeve with mascara, since I'm especially fussy with my bottom lashes because they are so sparse. 4/10.

Lastly, I got some pressed power from MUA. I've had this one from them before and I really like it. The only complaint is that it doesn't last long and it gives me a dry feeling on my skin. The coverage is great, as is the colour, and it feels really soft. It is a little itchy sometimes but my face is sensitive and it's cheap so that's to be expected really. 7/10.

I wanted to see how these products matched up to being worn, so I used all six and took a picture before and after I'd been out.
This was how it looked before I left the house, bearing in mind the flash does wash out the lipstick and the blusher a little.
Not the nicest picture, but this is how it looked when I returned after 2 1/2 hours. The lipstick has worn off, and the mascara ran a little because I did some laughing.

So there you go! I hope you liked this post and I hope it was of some help to you!


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