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Monday, 21 January 2013

OOTD: 20th January 2013

Hello everybody!

Another post!? Are my eyes deceiving me?

So yesterday we went for lunch with some family friends who have just moved into the village (into a gorgeous barn conversion that I have serious envy of!). It started snowing on the 18th, which meant that the school day was extremely surreal. The snow held off over Saturday but came back on the 20th, so I had to come up with something that was pretty but also practical for the weather. And thus, the Grungy Elf was born!

Top - Gift
Cardigan - Unbranded
Skirt - New Look
Beanie - Ebay
Socks - Tabio

(Firstly, excuse the terrible picture quality, I have no idea how that happened! And also, excuse the ladder in my tights...)

I've been wanting a beanie for a while, so when mine finally arrived on Friday I was ecstatic! I decided to wear it with complimenting colours, so I went for this cardigan that I got from one of those rubbishy shops in Crawley. I thought it would look nice with this green top, a gift from my godmother ooh, five years ago? I'm surprised it still fits! It must seem to you guys that I only ever wear this skirt, but I don't, honestly! It's just that most of the time, I happen to be wearing it in an outfit I deem blog-worthy. I wore bog-standard opaque tights with these cute frilly socks over them because the circulation in my feet is awful. I wore my new trainers (they're the same colour as my beanie, possibly a bit redder). I feel like this look has a grungy element to it - hence the name - which isn't something I would usually go for but I quite like the effect in this case.

Ring - Gift
Gold chain - Gift
Beaded bracelets - Accessorize

In terms of jewelry, I layered these ethnic-y beaded bracelets with a gold chain that my dad gave me for my birthday, and added my favourite key ring! (Which did give me a nasty scratch, you can just about see it on the bottom of my thumb in the left picture!) See why I always wear this ring in dodgy areas?

So that was my OOTD! As always, hope you enjoyed!


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