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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bonus post! Dip Hem & Checks

Hello all^^

This is just a random post, labelled OOTD but it isn't really! I've had this picture sitting in my library for a while but not been sure what to do with it. I quite like it though, so I wanted to publish it.

Checked shirt - New Look
Dip Hem skirt - eBay
Studded vest - Zara
Necklace - River Island
Ring - Gift
I was at a friend's house when I took this, we were messing around with outfit pictures and I had a sudden burst of inspiration - and I quite like the result! I think the studs, red check and dramatic skirt compliment each other quite well, and it's quite flattering. It's not something I would usually wear but Jaz has a vibrant sense of style and she always brings out quite a wild side in me when it comes to clothes!

Thanks for reading!


Jasmine Adams said...

Hehe, I love this! xx

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