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Monday, 9 July 2012

My Favourite K-Pop Girl Group Concepts

As all my friends know, I am a huge fan of K-Pop (Korean pop music). There are so many girl groups in the K-Pop scene nowadays, and it takes a unique concept to stand out nowadays. As I'm so interested in fashion, one of the first things I look at when it comes to a new music video is the, here are some of my favourites!

A Pink: My My

I had never really been interested in A Pink, until I came across the video for 'My My'. I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff, and I think My My does it extremely well. I love the '90s feel of the dungarees in the dance shot, especially when paired with the crisp white shirt, which looks young, pure and innocent. I also love the styling of the storyline scenes-the mix of relaxed sportswear and simple yet sweet casual clothes flow together really well and make for a very happy look.

After School: Bang!

I love this concept because it is very unusual to see in K-Pop. Although it's a little sexy, it's fierce and I love how the stylists have taken something as androgynous as a Buckingham Palace Guard's uniform and made it quite feminine. It also carries a connotation with London, which pleases me since I'm a London girl myself!

After School Red: In The Night Sky

Sticking with After School, and their 2011 sub-unit 'Red'. This is possibly my all-time favourite concept! I love the Native American-Indian flavour' particularly in Jungah's (middle right) fringed waistcoat. This is the fierce style that After School is known for, and this has been my summer anthem for two years in a row. The concept fits very well with the song and it conjures up images of long summer nights.

Hello Venus: Venus

After School's newly-debuted labelmates, Hello Venus, had a very strong debut, and one thing that really caught my eye was the styling for the dance shot. The colours blend well and the designs feel very twee, which could seem old fashioned but, for some reason, does not. Lime's (far left) vibrant hair is also very cute!

F(x): Nu Abo

This was my first K-Pop song, and I love the concept. The styling is very unconventional and wacky, which F(x) is known for. I like how the colours clash and the textures mix, as it makes for a very dynamic impression.

Chocolat: Syndrome

A lot of people disliked Chocolat's debut, but I loved it! The styling was one of the best things about it, second only to the dance routine. I love the clash of the monochrome with the intense pink. It's sassy and fun, and I like that. It also encapsules the hyperactive, electric nature of the song.

Miss A: Goodbye Baby/A Class

I am a huge fan of Miss A, partly because of their powerful, gymnastic dance routines and strong vocals, and partly because of their style. Like After School, they defy the conservatism of their culture and dare to be a little sexier. That said, they always keep it classy, as they did with their first full album, A Class. I love the stark monocrome, especially with the slight hint of uniform-they all have the same shoes, for example. I like coordination when it comes to groups, as it represents unity, and I love how this styling shows their strong image and strong bond as a group.

Miss A: Touch

This look, in contrast with Goodbye Baby, is quite stripped back and bleak. I love the slightly ethereal look and the simplicity of the clothes. This concept seems to be the perfect middle ground between ghostly and pretty, and it shows the raw, surreal nature of the song.

Wonder Girls: Be My Baby

This catchy, upbeat song is a great dancing track and also has a slightly retro feel. The styling is also quite retro and minimalist, and I love the fun that the spots add to what could be quite boring dresses. The styling also reminds me of Beyonce's Single Ladies-although I think the choreographer did actually choreograph the dance routine to Single Ladies, so that might be why. I'm not usually one for minimalism (you should see the state of my room) but I like how clean-cut this styling is.

Girls' Generation: The Boys

Girls' Generation's debut US single may not have been a hit (obnoxious lyrics that don't make sense, anyone? Didn't think so. I think the writer needs a change of ideas), but that hasn't stopped the Korean version from smashing the charts and showing everybody why these girls are the no1 girl group in Korea. However, the song is not what we are here to discuss, and my bias for these girls is painfully obvious (haha). Girls' Generation are always impeccably styled, but this really defied expectations. The mix of imperial prettiness like Jessica's (kneeling, front left) pink dress, and military-esque attire like Seohyun's (behind, third from right) forest green number shouldn't work, but they do. The more you look, the more of the subtle details you notice-the embellished shoulder pads and lace detailing are not obvious on first sight. I would like to see this style adopted by many other groups the world over.

Girls' Generation: Time Machine

These girls are doing extremely well in Japan, and their moving ballad 'Time Machine' is pretty underrated. The pure, whitewashed styling is quite dramatic, and it fits the song perfectly. You can feel the strong emotions of the song just by looking at this picture. Although littering the video with clocks is rather cliche, it doesn't feel that way because they are so delicate and they blend with the white outifts in a way that is very sympathetic.

...So there you go, these are my favourite concepts. As you can see, they vary, and although I would never attempt to copy some of these styles myself, I still love them!


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